The holidays are a time for family, fun, and above all else, traditions! This year, with the happy addition of a baby to your home, why not start a few new traditions of your own for a greener, more sustainable celebration?

A Living Tree

One of the biggest sources of waste every year is chopping down a tree, just to display it for a month in your home before disposing of it. But now many tree outlets and gardening stores are offering a more earth-friendly solution - a living evergreen tree.

A small living tree can be displayed in its own bucket or barrel, and decorated with all your beloved ornaments and lights. Then to conclude the festivities, the whole family can join in in replanting the tree outside - a reminder of Christmas every time you look out your window!

Homemade Gifts

Instead of purchasing items sealed in layers of plastic that will be cast aside or forgotten quickly, create longer lasting keepsakes and more meaningful presents by hand making your gifts!

- Create your own dry cookie mixes, assembled into jars, to give to friends and co-workers.

- If you’re a sewer or a knitter, a personally made soft doll or stuffed animal will be a precious gift. If you prefer working with wood, a sanded and safely sealed carved toy will become a family heirloom.

- If you have a baby, the new grandparents will love receiving a cast of the baby’s handprint and footprint. You can easily create a mold at home with clay and plaster of paris..

Recyclable Wrappings

Reduce your footprint this year by using recyclable materials to wrap your presents.

You can turn black and white newspaper into gift paper by decorating it with stamps and colorful inkpads. Decorate the packages with fabric ribbons that can be easily untied and used again.

Even making just a few small changes can make an impact on the environment. Make consideration of the earth a part of your holiday traditions, and teach your kids as you celebrate!

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