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baby-food As worldwide agriculture becomes more and more dominated by big businesses who put the emphasis on quantity instead of quality, we are seeing more and more Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) in our food supply. Companies genetically modify foods both so that they can produce more per harvest - and so that they can patent their seed stocks to sell at higher prices. 

As GM foods and GMOs become more prevalent, more and more risks of ingesting these foods are coming to light.

Dangers of GMOs

Technology has advanced faster than regulation and safety testing. Every year new strains come to market - and not just in the vegetable aisle.

GMOs are just as likely to be used in baby food and formula. In fact, in some cases they may be more likely to be used since they are usually cheaper and more readily available through large companies. A lot of baby foods contain corn, and soy is the staple for lactose-intolerant baby formulas.

Scientists have repeatedly warned that there is not enough information yet about GMOs, not only if they may cause new diseases, contain toxins, or induce allergies, but even if GM foods contain the same nutritional value as non-modified, organic foods. But these foods have still gone to market, and are in your grocery store right now.

Ways to Keep Your Baby GMO Free

The simplest and best way to keep GMOs out of your baby’s food is to buy organic, from local farms if possible. Thanks to the prevalence of blenders and even baby-specific food makers, making your own baby food has never been simpler.

There are four major GMO crops: soy, corn, canola, and cottonseed. Make a special effort to avoid buying these foods without assurances that they are from fields that have not been modified.

Along with organic foods, keep your eyes peeled for non-GMO labels. But be advised, the non-GMO label is strictly voluntary at this point. In most states the FDA does not require GMO foods to be labeled, so the absence of information does not mean a food is non-GMO.

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