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shutterstock_125769557Pregnancy is the time to pamper yourself! While there may be a lot of things you’ll want to avoid for health reasons, each ‘forbidden’ item is a chance to replace it with something special just for you.

Give up: Smoking and Alcohol.

The no-brainers. Smoking and alcohol are the first two things off the mom-to-be’s list, as the risk of fetal alcohol syndrome and birth defects are all too real.

Indulge yourself: Virgin Cocktails 

Believe it or not, now’s the time you can explore new tastes and new beverages you might never have thought of before. Check online or ask your local bartender for suggestions: you may discover your new favorite treat that you’ll still be drinking long after baby’s gone to college. (But be careful about sugars in drink mixes.)

Give up/ Cut back: Caffeine 

Too much coffee isn’t good for your baby. Limit yourself to one small cup a day. Drinking less or giving it up altogether is even better.

Indulge yourself: Teas and Tisanes

Black tea and green tea, herbal teas and fruit teas, spicy teas and mild teas; experiment and find the teas that taste good to you. Be warned however: black teas and green teas do contain some caffeine, though not nearly as much as a cup of coffee. If you’re looking for a tea you can drink by the gallon, go with a herbal or fruit blend. 

Give up: Artificial Sweeteners

Most artificial sweeteners, especially those found in diet sodas and other diet products, are not at all good for your body, let alone your baby. Let them go, you’ve got something better...

Indulge yourself: Organic Foods 

 You’ve been saying you’ll do it forever - what better time than now? This is your chance to finally discover the difference and see what organic foods and beverages you’re going to love. 

Give up: Nail Polish with Formaldehyde and Hair Dye 

Indulge yourself: In your amazing hair and fingernails!

Many nail polishes and hair dyes, both over the counter and salon based, contain harsh chemicals that can enter through your skin. But you aren’t even going to miss these products because your hair and nails have probably never been shinier and healthier than they are right now! Of course, you can still pick up that organic hair conditioner you’ve been dying to try... 

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