Easter is a fun time to celebrate with your loved ones, but all the processed and artificial products that are often identified with the holiday such as plastic eggs, plastic grass and artificial baskets can make the joyous springtime celebration into a dangerous situation for the environment. If you want to enjoy your romp with the Easter Bunny but still honor the Earth, there are changes that you can make to your usual celebration to enjoy a more eco-friendly Easter.

Reusable Baskets 

Wicker Easter baskets are cute, but all too often they end up tossed into the trash at the end of the holiday. Instead of adding more trash to the landfill, offer an Easter basket that can be reused. Consider a pail that can be used in the sandbox or on the beach, a personalized tote bag or a container that is related to a special activity or interest such as a sports equipment bag or a toy organization box.

Forego the Plastic Grass

Not only is plastic Easter grass unhealthy for the environment, it can be deadly to household pets if they ingest the shiny plastic strands. Instead of filling your basket with plastic grass, consider edible grass which is completely biodegradable and made of flavored edible rice flour. You could also use a new shirt, bright colored socks or even real grass.

Choose Earth-Friendly Treats

Organic candies and homemade treats help to protect the environment but also make a healthier choice for your family. There are many organic candy options available online or you can check in your local health food store. 

Earth-Friendly Easter Egg Hunt 

Instead of hiding dozens of plastic eggs that will be broken up and thrown away, create an eco-friendly Easter egg hunt. Consider some of the following ideas:

  • Dye hardboiled eggs the day before, store them in the refrigerator and then hide them in the morning so that the children can find them and eat them for breakfast
  • Crochet eggs that can be used year after year
  • Have the children find and paint stones and then hide them for the hunt
  • Have an Easter scavenger hunt instead. Create a list of items that can be found around the home and the yard, then send the children searching for them. Offer a prize for the child that finishes the list the fastest or prizes for every child that finds the items.

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