5 Wonderful Books for Babies


Snuggle up with your little one and enjoy story time with these high quality books.


My Farm Friends


Author: Wendell Minor

Format: Rhyming text

Sample text: Cows drink a bathtub full of water to produce milk every day. But suppose you tried to take a bath and a cow got in your way?


Count My Kisses, Little One


Author: Ruthie May and Tamsin Ainslie

Format: Rhyming text

Sample text: Seven kisses for baby by the light of the moon.  Eight kisses for baby, to a lullaby tune.


Mommy’s Hands


Author: Kathryn Lasky and Jane Kamine

Format: Non rhyming text

Sample text: Mommy loves the way my hands pull her face close when we talk. And I say, “I can count your freckles.” … Sometimes our hands do things together. When we mix cookie dough we don’t use spoons, and our hands get all tangled up in the bowl.


How About a Kiss from Me


Author: Todd Tarpley

Format: Rhyming text

Sample text: Do you like to kiss a dog? Do you like to kiss a frog? Do you like to kiss a pig? In the mud and very big? There’s nothing I would rather do, than be someone who’s kissed by you. (Daddy)




Author: Keith Baker

Format: Light rhyming

Sample text: Sometimes I am up. Sometimes I am down. I like who I am. I like what I do.


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