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soothe a fussy babyEveryone knows that babies cry a lot. Usually they’re upset because they need something; food, sleep, a diaper change, etc. Sometimes, however, we can’t quite figure out what’s bothering baby. It can be frustrating when nothing seems to be working, especially when you are out in public and causing a scene.

1. Stay calm yourself.

The worst thing you can do when your baby begins to fuss is become anxious and stressed yourself. Your baby will pick up on your anxiety and continue to act out. If you start speaking harshly or strongly, your baby’s fear, anger, or irritation will just get worse. Before calming your baby, work to calm yourself.

2. Sway or rock baby.

In the womb, there was a lot of movement. Your baby learned to sleep and relax even though you were walking, exercising, or moving around. Pull your baby out of his/her high chair or carrier and rock them in your arms for a few minutes. Hold them close to your body; sometimes that’s enough to soothe them. You can also try pushing them in the stroller or riding in the car for the right kind of movement.

3. Offer a pacifier.

Even though you don’t want your baby to become too accustomed to the pacifier, it’s an excellent tool in the right circumstances. Make sure to carry one around with you all the time in your diaper bag. Even if your baby doesn’t use a pacifier often, it will quickly distract him/her from whatever is bothering. It’s especially helpful when you’re in public and need quick silence.

4. Swaddle baby.

The swaddle is a traditional technique used to put a baby to sleep, but for the same reason a swaddle makes your baby drowsy, it will also quiet him/her down. The swaddle recreates the feeling of safety and security that baby felt in in the womb prior to birth. You can use a thin blanket, but there are risks if you swaddle too tightly (hip dysplasia) or use too thick blankets (baby can overheat). The easiest and most effective swaddles for baby are ones that are uniquely-designed and require no wrapping (Woombie for example)!

5. Keep a diary.

Record dates, times, and causes of what makes your baby fussy so you can identify a pattern. You don’t need a fancy journey, just a scrap of paper that you won’t lose. Every time your baby goes into a fit, record the reason and how you solved the problem so you will know for next time.

6. Put on a calming sound.

In the womb, your baby experience all types from sounds. He/she could hear noises from outside the womb along with the internal sounds of mom’s body. Silence can actually make babies uncomfortable. If you’re in a quiet place, use a white noise machine to fill the room with gently sounds.

7. Avoid overfeeding.

A too-full belly can make your baby gassy and uncomfortable. Try to hold off at least two hours between feedings so the food can properly digest. Babies don’t have the muscle strength or control to maneuver their bodies to relieve gas, so it tends to make them cranky. If your baby is fussy after a meal and burping doesn’t help, manipulate his/her body to move the gas around; push the legs back and forth and massage the tummy.

If you still can’t figure out what’s making your baby cranky, check out The Fussy Baby Site for additional guidance.  What other ways to you calm your fussy baby?  Let us know in the comments below!

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