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Babies need a bit of quiet time during the day so they can feel relaxed and get used to playing on their own. It's also helpful to calm things down before putting her to bed. While it's important to give your baby lots of attention so stimulate his learning, everyone has their limit. Sometimes you just need to take a step back and let baby explore on her own and learn to focus on one thing at a time. Use these four methods to spend some quiet time with your infant. 

1. Read her a book.

Babies may not understand what you are reading to them but they can still appreciate reading time. Mom’s voice is incredibly soothing for baby who is used to hearing it while in the womb. Reading also helps her develop listening skills and is a good time to cuddle and bond. Baby will pick up on the rhythm of your voice and it will help build her vocabulary in the future as well as improve her communication skills.

2. Give her a toy.

When babies are focused on just one thing at a time, they can spend forever playing with that one toy quietly. Give your baby a single toy and remove all other distractions. Let her quietly focus on one item for a while. If she seems bored with the same toy, show her a new way to play with it to keep her attention. Encourage quiet, gently playing rather than roughhousing. 

3. Put her in a bouncer.

A baby bouncer is a great way for baby to spend some quiet time on her own. While mom is in the kitchen cooking, taking a shower in the bathroom, or just getting ready for the day, baby can be put in a bouncer so she stays safe while moms gets to do her own thing. Plus, the up and down motion is relaxing for babies and it can even help her fall asleep.

4. Give baby a bath.

A bath right before bedtime is a common routine for many parents because it is so soothing for baby that it puts her straight to sleep. During bath time you can sing lullabies to her, massage her with a soothing lavender body wash, and cuddle with her as you dry her off. Parents love this quiet time with baby because it also allows you to bond and it’s a relaxing way to end the day. 

pacifier holderGuest blog by Julie Tabor Thompson, Founder & President of Bounce Innovations, Inventor of PullyPalz

As a mother of two, Julie found she was continuously retrieving dropped pacifiers, because even though they spit them out, they still want them immediately! She called it "the pacifier game," and, at times, it was difficult to play. One day, she thought, 'I wish somebody would invent a ...' A what? What could make it so babies can keep up with their pacifiers? Clips help parents keep up with pacifiers, but they don't help the baby. Babies don't understand when it's behind their shoulder or around their side. As they say, out of sight, out of mind. She started by making the first prototype in her kitchen (which included melting molding plastic, an instruction manual for her sewing machine, and YouTube videos). Several designs later, the PullyPalz were born... The first ever pacifier toy that - with the help of baby's interaction - keeps pacis coming back!

Her goal is to offer unique products that make life and parenthood just a little easier, and ultimately more enjoyable. Compatible products (teethers and toys) will be coming to market soon. Julie also offers product development and consultation services for other aspiring entrepreneurs.

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