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benefits for breastfeedingBreast milk provides a special combination of essential nutrients for your child; a combination that cannot be recreated as formula. You can ensure your child’s proper development and avoid several health issues by breastfeeding exclusively for the first six months and for as long as you’re comfortable.

It’s important that we protect babies’ developing bodies as best we can, and that means providing them with the best nourishment. Breastfeeding has been devalued in our country (and elsewhere in the world) so it’s important we understand the benefits to breastfeeding our children.

1. Breastfeeding protects your baby from obesity.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that moms nurse for at least six months (and longer if you can) to reduce your child’s chance of being overweight later in life. Children who are exclusively breastfed for as long as possible are the most resistant to obesity. Doctors suspect this could be because of one or several reasons:

  • Breastfeed babies have more leptin in their system, which is a hormone that regulates appetites.
  • Breast milk contains less insulin than formula, which stimulates the creation of fat.
  • Breastfed babies learn to eat until satisfied and no more, which develops better life-long eating habits.

2. Breastfeeding may improve a baby’s intelligence.

Some studies have shown that breastfed babies score higher on intelligence tests than formula fed babies. They perform better on vocabulary tests, spatial recognition, and they have a more sophisticated emotional intelligence. It’s likely this is because breastfed babies develop a stronger emotional connection with their mother and these skills help them connect with other people throughout their lives.

3. Breastfeeding boosts your baby’s immune system.

Naturally, human milk contains all the right things your baby needs, from fat, proteins, and sugars, but also antibodies and immunological factors like white blood cells. These immune system properties prepare baby for the world and the challenges his body will face. Formula just can’t offer these ingredients. Studies show that breastfeed children are less likely to become ill, even when they are cared for by an institution with other children where illness is much more likely.

4. Breastfeeding can lower the risk of SIDS in half.

In 2009, a German study found that the risk of SIDS in breastfed children was significantly lower, almost half that of formula-fed children. This is one of the primary reasons the CDC (Centers of Disease Control and Prevention) recommends breastfeeding for as long as possible.

5. Breastfeeding prevents allergies.

It’s unknown precisely why, but breastfed babies typically experience less allergies than non-breastfed children, even in families with histories of extensive allergies. Truthfully, it’s hard to measure for this type of thing (because there’s no way to know if someone would have had allergies), but studies show breastfed children are less likely to experience allergic reactions.

6. Breastfeeding satisfies your baby’s emotional needs.

Babies need to be held extensively. It’s important for their development. Babies who aren’t held often experience emotional and cognitive disadvantages later in life. In fact, premature babies are more likely to die if they aren’t regularly touched. Holding a bottle alone or propped up on the sofa is emotionally unsatisfying to a child, whereas the closeness of breastfeeding is emotionally rewarding and calming.

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