how to pack for a trip with babyI love traveling with my baby. I get to take her to lots of new places and watch her reactions. Truthfully, though, traveling with a baby can be stressful at times. Too often I worry I've forgotten something essential at home. I end up buying it while we're away, which wastes money and leaves me to extra stuff. I had looked for a well laid out plan for everything I need, but couldn't find one - so I made one! Here's my helpful list of everything you need when traveling with your baby.

What to bring:

  • Diapers (obviously) – I know you all know to bring diapers, but make sure you bring enough. I cannot tell you the amount of times we have run out of diapers on vacation and had to run out and get more. Save yourself now and bring a bunch if your luggage allows for it.  8 – 15/day depending on the age of your little one.
  • Wipes – You’ll want these for more than just baby’s bottom. Wipes will come in handy when you are out and about and feel like your hands are greasy, messy, or dirty.  I also like to wipe down highchairs in restaurants with these in a pinch.  Stick some actual sanitizing surface wipes in a Ziploc bag if you really want to be prepared!
  • PunkinWrap – You’ll need something to lay baby on when changing and the PunkinWrap is perfect for that. It has many other uses that make it so worth bringing with you on your travels.
  • Creams and Meds – only the necessities though.  Don’t pack the medicine cabinet, but a small amount of diaper cream as well as a fever reducer will keep you from dashing to the drug store.
  • Toys – Bring a few of baby’s favorite toys or books to keep them occupied and having fun.  Think of items that are easy to clean and ideally ones that you can clip to the stroller or carseat with some PunkinLinks so that you aren’t retrieving them from the ground!
  • Extra pacifiers – If your baby is still using their pacifier, make sure that you bring one or two extra in case the first one hits the floor.
  • Snacks – You never know when your Punkin might get hungry.
  • Water – Dehydration is a quick way to ruin a vacation.
  • Formula – If your baby is under a year and you are not nursing, your chosen brand of formula is an essential.
  • Backup outfit – You never know when you’ll need it!
  • Long trips only – One outfit per day, plus two extras; One set of pajamas per two nights unless baby is prone to spit up or blow-outs, then daily sets might be necessary;

What to leave home:

  • Toys – Don’t bring too many of their toys, just a chosen few is fine.
  • Sound machine – While you might think baby can’t sleep without it, think about where you’ll be staying.  Often the hotel bathroom fan or a clock radio will be enough background noise for baby and you can save from packing another unnecessary item!
  • Library of books – We LOVE books at our house, but you’ll find they are happy to reread the same 3 every night so no need to bring everything off your bookshelf.  Use the trip as an opportunity to tell a story verbally and, for fun, we sometimes grab a magazine or coffee table book at our destination and make up stories to go along with photos.
  • Infant bathtub – Instead, roll up the end of a large bath towel to create a pillow and use the rest of the towel to provide a soft, grip barrier under baby in the tub at your destination.  This saves a lot of space when you pack the car!
  • Your worries – Just enjoy the trip!
  • Bouncer – They are large and will be a hassle. Baby will be fine without it for a few days.
  • Stroller – If you don’t play to be walking around a lot, is the stroller necessary? A simple baby carrier might be enough.

car seat cover nursing cover stroller shadeGuest Blog by Laura Gravett, Inventor of PunkinWrap

Laura, a mom of two, is the inventor of PunkinWrap, a multi-use car seat cover and baby wrap. PunkinWrap is the only wrap purposely designed to multi-task as a blanket, car seat cover, sunshade, changing pad, tummy time mat, and nursing cover.  The 7-in-one baby solution can be placed over baby while nursing, over the car seat, or over the stroller to keep baby protected from the sun at all times. The wrap is lightweight and breathable so baby is always comfy. Plus, it also gives baby privacy while sleeping and protects him from the other elements like rain and wind.

More so, Laura is a former nanny with a degree in psychology who formerly worked at Yale University doing research. As an Atlanta native and currently residing in the best suburb of Atlanta: Roswell, Laura and her husband love their community. Laura volunteers on various committees in their city to help give back in any way she can.  Laura and her husband spent several years taking care of rescue dogs - transport, intakes, fostering, etc. and had to step away a bit once they had their first child. The Gravetts now have two children (girls ages 3 and 10 months) and three rescue dogs.

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