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exercising while pregnantFollow an Expert's Advice

If you are pregnant and don't exercise, now is a great time to begin an exercise program. Pregnant women who already exercise can continue to exercise, though they may wish to exercise at a gentler pace. Women who are training athletes will need to work closely with their obstetrician to develop a training program that will keep the expectant mom in good shape without causing the baby any stress.

What to Look for When Exercising

An expectant mom needs to be very aware of how she is feeling while she participates in exercise. There should be no pain or signs of exhaustion during the workout. Obstetricians like Gilbert Webb MD on LinkedIn specialize in pregnancy complications and will be able to give expert advice on exactly what to do and not to do while exercising during your pregnancy.

Exercise Components

When exercising, wear loose fitting or clothing that stretches to allow for movement. Wearing the right kind of shoes is one of the best preventative measures you can take to ensure a safe workout. An aerobic exercise session should include five minutes of warm up, at least 15 minutes of cardiovascular activity, and five to ten minutes of cooling down.

Cardiovascular exercise and toning exercise sessions should be rotated during the week. Please be aware that a pregnant woman who exercises is at a greater risk for muscle and joint damage due to the hormones in the body during pregnancy. Also, an expectant mom's balance may be off during pregnancy, so it is important to exercise on an even, stable surface.

When to Stop Exercising

Exercising to the point of great muscle soreness and exhaustion is too hard on the mom's body. If you are out of breath or feel faint in the slightest, stop. If you think you may be bleeding vaginally or leaking fluid vaginally, discontinue exercise until you are checked out by your doctor. Any chest or abdominal pain is a signal to stop exercising. If you do not feel the baby move for a longer period of time than usual, contact your doctor and discontinue your exercise regime. 

Exercising while pregnant should help you feel better and give you an easier delivery. You and your doctor are the best guardians of your health during pregnancy.

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