Easy Ways to Recycle with KidsRecycling is an important part of being a responsible person. We all have to do our part to make sure the world is a clean, safe place for generations to come. Unfortunately, that concept is too abstract to explain to a five year old, so we have to approach it at a different angle. Here are some easy ways you can recycle with your kids.

1. Explain the Recycling Loop

You’ve probably heard the adage before: reduce, reuse, recycle. Many people forget the first two parts of the loop and only focus on the third. Teach your kids the whole loop so they can be effective protectors of our planet.

The first step is to reduce: lower the number of things you use and consume as much as possible. Do your children need a room full of toys, or do they only play with a small percentage of what they have?

The second step is to reuse: use the things you have to over and over. Rather than use and throw away paper plates, opt for a dish that can be washed and reused.

And of course the third step is recycle: whatever waste is made should be sent to the proper places so it can be refashioned into something else.

2. Give Them Ownership of the Bin

To kids, the recycling bin is just another random object in the kitchen or by the garage. Children respond well to things they are invested in, so use the recycling bin to help them form an emotional attachment to recycling. You can purchase a separate bin for each child to use, or spend some time decorating it together, even if that includes adding some silly frills and colors.

3. Encourage Trading or Swapping

If your children have friends, a great way to access a huge selection of toys and games is to share with them. Encourage your kids to lend out their toys to borrow their friends’ toys (although you should clear this with their parents first). This is also a great way to help them build long-lasting relationships with other kids.

4. Make a Game Out of It

Children respond well to games and excitement. You can make recycling fun by turning it into a game. Interject a bit of competitiveness by seeing who can fill up their recycling bins fastest. You could create a chart and fill it up with stickers for each time they recycle properly. Most importantly, remember to keep a positive attitude about recycling so your children pick up on it.

5. Visit the Recycling Center

Take your kids on a trip to your local recycling center so they can see all the work and people that go into helping our environment. If possible, introduce to some of the people who work there and find out about their jobs. This will help your kids get a feel of how important recycling is for our planet.

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