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Safety Tips for New ParentsMy drive to create a truly safe baby bottle comes from my desire to make sure babies and young children are safe. New parents face a barrage of challenges during the first months as they struggle to figure things out. Here are some baby safety tips for new parents.

1. Assuming you have carefully researched and picked a practitioner you are comfortable with, listen to their advice

Their staff most likely has delivered and cared for more babies during the first few days than you will ever know and will have some helpful tips for a first time mom. However, if your gut feeling says something isn’t right don’t be afraid to speak up.

2. Leave nothing in the crib

Blankets, toys, plush pillows, comforters, and bumpers do not belong in a crib with an infant. These items are suffocation risks at such a young age. Baby should be dressed for the temperature and swaddled so there are no loose ends.

3. Install the car seat properly

When used properly, car seats save lives. You want to be absolutely sure that your car seat is installed properly. Police stations all have qualified car seat technicians who can help you (although you might have to make an appointment). Here’s a great list of common car seat mistakes.

4. Don’t leave baby unattended

It’s alright to leave the room if your baby is secured (like in the crib or car seat), but never leave your child in a precarious situation. Even a one-month old could have the strength to flop themselves off the couch or changing table. They do not have the dexterity or strength to protect themselves from a fall.

5. Regularly check product recalls

Every so often, Google your make and model of some of your baby equipment to make sure it hasn’t been recalled for safety reasons. You’ll want to check on your car seat, stroller, play yard, crib, any furniture in baby’s room, etc. This article will teach you how to search the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

6. Splurge on a quality baby monitor

Your baby monitor keeps you informed about your child’s well-being while you are in another room. This is not the time to be frugal. Buy a reputable brand with quality sound and possibly video.

7. Wash your hands often

Newborns have delicate immune systems during the first months. They haven’t had time to build the necessary antibodies to combat common illnesses. Wash your hands often and insist your guests follow suit.

8. Choose safe products

Whenever you purchase an item, consider the ingredients used to make it – especially when you’re buying plastic products. Your bottles, bedding, pacifiers, feeding spoons, high chair, baby bath tub and anything else your child comes in contact with often should be made without harmful chemicals and toxins.

eco-friendly and non-toxic baby bottlesGuest Blog by Christine Barlow, Inventor of 5 Phases Eco-Friendly Baby Bottle System

Mom Christine Barlow is the inventor of 5 Phases eco-friendly and non-toxic baby bottles, the safest and healthiest way to bottle feed your baby. Her inspiration in creating an alternative to traditional feeding bottles came after the birth of her 1lb 7oz micro-preemie baby. Having a compromised child, she became aware how environmental factors were affecting our children. With all the concerns of plastics and infants being the most vulnerable, she felt there was a need for more options for parents who wanted to use glass. She knew she had to act – and the 5 Phases Hybrid Glass Baby Bottles were born.

5 Phases is dedicated to helping families achieve a healthier and organic lifestyle. Starting with baby, they develop products keeping both the environment and health of your family in mind. And when it comes to your baby nothing else will do – Christine knows, she’s a mom too!

For more information on 5 Phases, visit!

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