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Resources for Parents of PreemiesA premature child is a tough challenge for even the most experienced parents. There’s stress, anxiety, and a whole lot of fear. After months of tension, it takes a long time for mom and dad to feel comfortable again. If you have a premature baby and need information of a sympathetic ear, use these resources.

1. Connect with people online

The Internet is a great place for parents to get together and talk about the issues they face. If you have a premature baby, you’ll probably find yourself with a question at two in the morning. Fortunately there are plenty of social media groups and forums to query.

2. Keep up with preemie issues

Many of the developmental challenges preemies face can be overcome if mom and dad stay informed and be proactive. Educate yourself about the obstacles you’ll likely face. Ask parents with premature babies how parenting differed versus their full-term children. Keep your eyes open for any programs designed specifically for premature children.

3. Don’t forget your marriage or relationship

The intense bouts of anxiety and worry that overtake parents as they watch their little ones grow in an incubator can change a person. Many parents of preemies suffer from depression and event post-traumatic stress disorder. After weeks of emotional visits to the NICU and months caring for a fragile child, don’t forget about your spouse. Look to one another for comfort and address those emotional needs.

4. Find a local support group

Check in with your hospital or pediatrician’s office for names of local support groups for parents of premature babies — chances are there’s at least one in your area. The advantages of meeting with a regular group are endless: You can bounce ideas off each other, share preemie tips, and ask questions that you think no one else will understand. You (and your preemie) may even make some life-long friends.

5. Keep in touch with NICU neighbors

Premature babies usually require extensive hospital stays. Moms and dads tend to both with one another as they meander around the hospital while visiting their child. It’s a tough time for everyone, so by all means lean on them for support. Once you leave the hospital, keep in touch with these people as they’ll likely work through the same challenges as you both care for your early children.

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