Positive DisciplinePositive discipline is far more effective than negative discipline. Negative parenting only teaches a child to avoid your wrath. They learn to hide their bad behaviors, but the behaviors remain. Positive parenting gives children a target to aim for and conveys your love and affection. Here are some tips to positively discipline your child.

1. Make sure to control yourself.

It’s important to keep a cool head in the heat of the moment. You have to model the behavior you expect out of your children. If you blow up at them, they’ll learn that outbursts are a valid method of communication. If you have to, take some deep breaths before addressing your child.

2. Be consistent.

Parents sometimes overlook a certain behavior and hope that it will pass, but by not addressing the situation, you teach your child that it’s OK. You have to address each instance of poor behavior right away.

3. Give attention to the behaviors you like.

Sometimes children want attention, any attention at all, so they behave badly to get it. Make sure to lather on the praise when your child behaves well so he or she knows exactly what to do to receive your approval.

4. Never bribe.

A bribe is different from a reward. A bribe is when you offer a prize or treat after the bad behavior has started, like during a tantrum at the mall. You only teach them to repeat the bad behavior. A reward, however, is a prize offered before the behavior ever occurs so your childseeks to behave well to get the prize.

5. Offer real-world consequences.

Sending a child to his room or making her stand in the corner seem like arbitrary punishments when you think about them. Offer consequences that directly affect their life. For example, you could tell them you can’t bring them to park because they have been fighting so much, or skip dessert one evening because one child hit another.

6. Suggest positive behaviors.

Instead of constantly telling your child what not to do, offer a positive behavior instead. For example, instead of telling your son not to hit other children, tell him to “play nice.” The “not” command doesn’t give him information. It doesn’t redirect him to the behavior you prfer. You can also use this to diffuse a tantrum. When your child begins to explode, quickly set them on a new path that interrupts their freak-out. Jump in and start a game, like “Everyone walk like the floor is peanut butter!” You’ll quickly shake them out of a tantrum.

winter hat, gloves and scarf for babies and toddlersGuest Blog by Christina Plejdrup, Mom and Inventor of the Minkey

Christina Plejdrup is a mother of a 3-year-old girl, Oliva, who tried many different winter products to see if she could find anything that could get her daughter to keep her gloves on as well as her hat and scarf. Christina tried everything, but nothing worked!

After several failed attempts to get her daughter to keep her gloves, hat and scar on, Christina designed her own solution! It worked like a charm and when they would walk through their neighborhood, several parents asked where they found such a unique and practical winter garment.  This is when the Minkey (as her daughter calls it) was born.

The Minkey is a unique 3-in-1 winter hat, gloves and scarf for babies and toddlers. It’s easy to use and goes great under any jacket, snowsuit or vest, and children have plenty of comfort and movement. They will always stay warm and dry where it is important while out in the cold.

The Minkey is now an award-winning product adored by parents and kids all over the globe!  Visit for more information.

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