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Educational Nature Activities for KidsThe world around us is so amazing and beautiful and people can learn so much just from spending a little time exploring outdoors. It’s also a great time for families to bond together and enjoy some quality time. Spring is the best season for heading outside and going on a nature walk. There are also other ways to learn about nature with your children while also learning about why it’s so important to protect our planet. With April being Earth Month, there’s no better time than now to try some of these fun activities!

Go on a nature walk

Research some close by parks in your area and find one with a hiking or nature trail. Put on your comfiest walking shoes, pack some snacks, and get ready to connect with nature! While on your walk, encourage your kids to take their time exploring and observing their surroundings. Bring a camera and take pictures of the beautiful sights, collect flowers for a scrapbook, or even collect rocks and shells.

Download a nature app

Normally you would want to put away the smartphone when you’re out trying to connect with nature, but in some cases, using a smartphone app can actually help you learn even more. NatureTap is a free app that gives you instant access to 28 beautiful North American birds, each with a brilliant image, detailed range map, song/call, and description. Register your app and receive the full Insects and Spiders module, which includes 100 common species for free!

Download the app here

Make your own bird feeder

A bird feeder is very simple to make and you can use some common household items like egg cartons and string. Fill the feeders with birdseed, cereal, or stale bread to attract some flying friends. Teach your children to observe from a distance so as not to scare off the birds, and see how many different kinds of birds they can identify!

Make leaf prints

Leaf prints are a very easy and fun arts and crafts projects for kids of all ages and you can have some fun outdoors collecting the leaves for the project. Encourage kids to pick up leaves of different shapes, sizes, and colors. The leaves you collect should still be fresh so they won’t crumble when you try to use them. You can also try to identify the leaves using a book or online website.

Grow a garden

Growing a garden in your own backyard teaches kids how to work with their hands and the importance of a healthy diet. You can plant your own flowers, fruits, or vegetables and keep track of their growth in a garden journal. Kids will be so excited when they finally see their plants start to sprout!

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