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Start Living an Organic LifestyleLiving organic, or “green,” is simpler than most people think. It just means making choices to live in a manner that reduces your impact on the environment. You don’t have to do everything at once. In fact, you’re more likely to stick with your changes if you make them one at a time and let yourself become adjusted to the new lifestyle. Here are some ways you can start living organically.

1. Switch to organic cleaning products – This is a great first step because it’s becoming easier and easier. Every day there are more organic and natural products on the market. If you were really inclined, you can clean most things with basic ingredients like vinegar, baking soda and borax.

2. Shop for organic foods – Like the cleaning products, these are more readily available than ever. Your local grocery store or supermarket probably has an organic section. Not only are these foods safer, but they’re healthier and often taste better. Nor are they as expensive as they used to be because so many people are switching to organic diets.

3. Buy organic clothing – Organic clothing is safe, non-toxic and made using sustainable methods that harm the environment as little as possible. Organic cotton is very popular and bamboo is becoming more popular every day. You don’t have to go out and buy a new wardrobe (in fact throwing out your current clothes would be very un-green), just buy organic materials when it comes time to buy new items.

4. Choose organic furniture and bedding – Organic furniture and bedding is designed to be safe and created through methods that don’t impact the environment. Again, you should choose items made from natural materials and fibers. Not only will buying organic furniture and bedding reduce your impact on the environment, but you’ll save yourself and your loved ones from toxins.

5. Switch to organic hygiene products – When you consume something through your mouth, your saliva and stomach work to break down any toxins. But when you place a potentially toxic-chemical on your skin, those substances are absorbed directly into your bloodstream. That means it’s important to choose organic personal care products for your own health.

6. Drive a fuel-efficient vehicle – It’s tough in our country to stop driving all together. Many of us live in places that aren’t accessible by public transportation. If you have to drive, drive a car that uses less gas. When it comes time to purchasing a new vehicle, consider an electric option.

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organic bedding and accessoriesWritten by Jennifer Cicci of Babee Talk

As a mother, Jennifer understands the importance of offering nothing by the best for baby. Motivated by teeth marks on her children’s cribs, she decided to design a teething rail cover after trying products that didn’t measure up when it came to quality or style. What she found out made her even more concerned about children’s safety and health: The toxic chemicals used in the production of synthetic materials have been linked to birth defects, reproductive disorders, and weakened immune systems.

She asked herself, “What if I could revolutionize the way parents decorated their crib with a safe and stylish teething rail cover that could be placed on the crib from day one?” Babee Talk® launched in 2014 with organic bedding and accessories. Chew-friendly, drool-friendly, and organic inside and out, her products ensure a healthy start in life for babies.

She only offers products that she would provide for her own children. She hopes moms and dads will start to talk about the importance of choosing safe, healthy, eco-friendly products, especially for babies.

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