There’s no reason we can’t get our kids started living an eco-friendly lifestyle from an early age. The sooner they start practicing good habits, the better they’ll stick. As a parent, we obviously want to start our children out on the right path. Here are some ways you can raise a “green” baby.

1. Show don’t tell

Babies are balls of energy, so there’s usually no trouble in getting them to exercise. As parents however, we should try our best to be active with our children. Being enthusiastic about exercise and protecting our environment through our consumption habits will encourage our children to do the same beyond infancy.

2. Start with eco-baby brands

Your baby has very little control over what brands he or she uses, but you do. There is a market of brands dedicated to making sure your baby isn’t exposes to toxins like BPA, formaldehyde, pesticides and all the other harmful chemicals commonly used in the manufacturing process.

3. Try to make them not so dependent on TV

Conserving energy can be difficult to do in a world grounded in technology. As for the children growing up now, there is no world without technology. If we as parent can avoid having our televisions do the babysitting, you are one step closer to raising an energy conserving baby. Many parents like a bit of background noise from the TV just to fill the silence. But if you’re not watching it, turn it off. Don’t pass the tech dependency habits on to the next generation in ways we don’t have to. They’ll be dependent on energy draining products without us encouraging bad habits.

4. Feed baby the good stuff

If you are on an organic kick like many people, you already know the impacts our diet has on our body. Most of the food on the market is full of preservatives and chemicals. The manufacturing process is also not so kind to our environment. Unfortunately baby food, although considered gentle, isn’t always created with eco-consciously either. When shopping for staples in your baby’s diet, take the extra steps to conduct a bit of research to find out what’s what. Your baby may develop a natural preference toward organic foods if you make it a habit.

What are some ways you instill green habits in your children as early as infancy. We’d love to learn your tips. Let us know in the comment section!

eco-friendly and non-toxic baby bottlesGuest Blog by Christine Barlow, Inventor of 5 Phases Eco-Friendly Baby Bottle System

Mom Christine Barlow is the inventor of 5 Phases eco-friendly and non-toxic baby bottles, the safest and healthiest way to bottle feed your baby. Her inspiration in creating an alternative to traditional feeding bottles came after the birth of her 1lb 7oz micro-preemie baby. Having a compromised child, she became aware how environmental factors were affecting our children. With all the concerns of plastics and infants being the most vulnerable, she felt there was a need for more options for parents who wanted to use glass. She knew she had to act – and the 5 Phases Hybrid Glass Baby Bottles were born.

5 Phases is dedicated to helping families achieve a healthier and organic lifestyle. Starting with baby, they develop products keeping both the environment and health of your family in mind. And when it comes to your baby nothing else will do – Christine knows, she’s a mom too!

For more information on 5 Phases, visit!

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