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Bad Health Habits to Avoid Passing onto Your KidsIt’s so frustrating when you see bad habits manifest in your children that you have fought with in yourself. You go through great lengths to look and feel your best but sometimes you’re not hard enough on yourself. When you notice your child beginning to develop the same unhealthy habits you may feel a little guilty. There are way you can turn these habits around that may help you as you help them. Here are 6 things you should avoid passing onto your children by leading through example.

1. Dessert is always necessary

If you don’t feel satisfied without a dessert after dinner, you’re doing it wrong. Dessert is a sometimes activity. Even though your children’s metabolism is likely to be in tip top shape, if they become accustomed to having a bowl of ice cream after every meal, they will carry that habit into adulthood.

2. Dessert = junk food

Cheesecake and fried churros with ice cream are some of the things that come to mind when you think of a fun dessert. You can substitute some of your traditional favorites with yummy fruits and  yogurt parfaits. Fruits can be just as satisfying as chocolate cake! Introduce fun fruity treats to your children's diet early.

3. Soda is the only refreshing drink

Much like the dessert example, soda is another treat that lots of people opt for. Unfortunately, soda is one of the absolute worst beverages to have as a constant in anyone’s diet. Fruit juices and h2o can be even more satisfying than soda pop. For the occasional fizzy action, reach for tasty sparkling waters before you grab the coke. Children love candy, soda and cheese but that doesn’t mean that your pantry needs to be full of these junk foods at all times. When the alternatives are more present in their diet from an early age, your children will be more likely to reach for them in the future.

4. Exercise is a chore

Children are bursting with energy we can only wish we had. They enjoy bouncing from couch to couch while they’re young but it they see you in a constant vegetation mode, they are likely to adopt this habit as they get older. Your children should give you a reason get off the couch and stay active. Go out together and have fun moving your body.

5. The TV stays on as long as we’re home

If you are one of those people who turn the TV on to fill the silence the moment you walk in the door, stop today. Mindlessly gazing at screens all day can have negative effects on your eyes and your mind. Don’t allow your children to become as dependent on TV as you are. Encourage them to go outside when they’re bored and talk to each other when it’s quiet.

6. Your bag probably weighs as much as you

If you yourself are a bit of a bag lady, it’s easy for you not to notice your child’s bag is too heavy. Go through your child’s backpack and determine what is necessary to carry back and forth and what is not. Having a heavy load on your back is no good for your child. Don’t allow them to become accustomed to this achy pain when they’re young or they’ll suffer in the long term. 

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