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Nap Time Mistakes All Parents MakeGiving your child adequate daytime sleep is important to ensure the nighttime sleep goes well too. Sleep is not something we’re born knowing how to do, so it’s up to mom and dad to ensure that those naps happen on schedule. Here are some common mistakes parents make and how you can avoid them.

1. Waiting too long – You should be putting your child down to nap at the first signs of tiredness. Your child doesn’t have something in her eye; she’s rubbing because she’s sleepy. If you wait too long, you venture into overtired territory.

2. Creating sleep associations – If you nurse/feed, rock/walk, hold or sing your child to sleep too often, you’ll build an association between that thing and sleep that will be tough to break. Vary your routine and make sure you’re putting your child down drowsy, but awake.

3. Expecting quick results – Habits take time to change. Don’t rush things. Before three months, a child isn’t even aware of the difference between night and day.

4. Waking your baby up – It’s a myth that a baby who sleeps less during the day will sleep more at night. It just doesn’t work like that. Let your baby nap as long as she likes, even if it’s longer than usual. This will make the evening’s sleep better.

5. Insisting on silence – A baby who only sleeps in silence will expect silence, which is tough to maintain over the long term. Make your usual noises in the early months so you don’t have to tiptoe later on.

6. Doing too much during the day – I understand you have things to do, but you have to schedule your day around naps. Most children can’t just fall asleep anywhere, so make sure you are home in the usual sleep space for nap time.

7. Skipping the routine – The bedtime routine gives your baby cues that sleep is coming, so it’s important that you maintain this practice. If you decide that you don’t have time for the lullaby today, you’ll break the pattern and have a rough time putting your child to sleep.

8. Overstimulating in the crib – The mobile is a popular addition to any crib, but these devices don’t help your child fall asleep. Instead, they provide stimulation that keeps your child awake. Keep the room dark and eliminate any action at nap time.

9. Moving to a bed too early – Children develop at different rates. If you make the switch too soon, your child might not have the cognitive skills to stay within the “boundaries” of a bed all night. If your child won’t stay in the crib, it’s alright to pull the crib back out for a little while longer.

10. Nap transitioning too soon – Over time your child will need less daytime sleep, but the transition periods can be fluid. Even though she napped just twice for the last three days doesn’t mean you should keep her awake when she wants to nap a third time. Don’t force changes.  

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