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handling the terrible twosThe terrible twos are a normal stage of development where a child's need for independence clashes with their need for parents. The result of this situation is often temper tantrums, oppositional behavior and all around moodiness. Since their moods will change very sporadically, it becomes tough to figure out what’s wrong and how to solve the problem. Following some of these tips will hopefully make the twos not so terrible!

1. Rest

Anyone who is tired has a greater tendency to be cranky or moody, regardless of age. This can especially be true for younger children who are not experienced in handling their emotions the way an adult can. Making sure your kid is getting proper sleep at night and rest during the day is crucial to helping avoid battles during their terrible twos stage. Try implementing a regular nap schedule during the day to provide extra rest, but be sure they are still tired enough to get a sound night of sleep.

2. Choices

While your child may demand to have their way about a certain issue, you as the parent know exactly what you’d like to happen. Rather than giving them a single command and expecting no disagreement, try to offer choices when possible. If you are able to give your child two different options for a certain situation, they won’t feel like they’re being told what to do, and rather they are the ones in control. If you are trying to get your child to eat, try offering them a choice between two healthy options rather than forcing only one upon them.

3. Praise

While reprimanding a child for bad behavior teaches them right from wrong, praising them for the good stuff is just as important. Every little accomplishment in terms of attitude, action, and behavior deserves praise from a parent. Showing your child this admiration will not only give them self-confidence and an esteem boost, but it encourages them to continue whatever good they are doing to receive the praise in the first place.

4. Award Responsibility

One way to empower your little two-year-old is by bestowing them with certain responsibilities around the house. A kid with responsibilities will not only make them feel as if they have some sort of power, but it will also instill discipline in them. Simple tasks like setting the dinner table and bringing their plate to the kitchen will show them you trust them enough for responsibilities.

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