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Scheduling play dates for your kids is the perfect way to let them burn off some extra steam while also getting a chance to develop some valuable social skills with other kids. They can also provide a great opportunity to make new mom friends while your kids play. The only thing that would make this play date better is if mom can also find a way to enjoy it. Here are some play date ideas to consider: Gingerbread Party Each child can be given premade gingerbread dough that they can...

Think for a moment about how often you experience music on a daily basis. You hear it on TV, in the car, in restaurants, and at the gym. You may even listen to music all day at work. Music is a big part of our lives. It evokes emotion and even changes how we feel, so it’s important that we introduce it to our children. Here are some ways you can introduce music into your baby’s playtime. 1. Use music to speed things up. When it’s time to play, put...

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