From one parent’s love to another 

Babee Talk® is committed to making your baby’s environment a healthy, safe and happy place.

Safe in every way

You can count on us to provide the very best quality infant and baby goods at affordable prices. It's simple.  No toxic chemicals and no dangerous dyes.  All of our products are non-toxic and contain no harmful chemicals, dyes or  pesticides.  No funny business. No worries.  

Sweet dreams for baby, peace of mind for you.

Quality Inside and Out

Every Babee Talk® product is created with your precious little one in mind using the finest quality materials.  Our cotton and bamboo fibers are cultivated by farmers using absolutely no GMO's, herbicides, pesticides or insecticides.  We know that what's inside matters, especially with baby products that are often chewed, cuddled and drooled on.   Nothing here but soft, snuggly fabrics and unrefuted safety.

Designed with baby’s development in mind

Even the littlest of people deserve to dwell in beautiful surroundings.  Babee Talk® has created colorful bedding patterns and toys with sound modules to help offer colorful patterns to our bedding and sound modules to our toys to help stimulate your baby’s imagination. We provide a creative, healthy environment where your baby can sleep, play and grow.

Responsibly made

We are committed to only working with factories that share the same ethical and responsible business practices. The factories we partner with must comply with all laws and regulations. All manufacturers are required to sign our Code of Conduct.

Responsibly packaged

Even the packaging is eco-friendly. We use recycled or recyclable materials printed with low-impact, environmentally friendly inks. Our products come in chic, eco-friendly bags that are reusable and recyclable.  


We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.
-Native American Proverb

We know that the things we do today will affect all of our tomorrows.  When you buy organic and/or eco-friendly, you're doing your part to maintain safety and sustainability of Mother Earth. Organic growing prevents soil erosion and groundwater contamination while saving energy and promoting biodiversity and keeping hometown farmers employed.  Keeping the planet a safe and happy place for generations to come.

All that goodness from one little purchase. That's our promise.

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