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Jennifer Cicci, Founder/CEO

“I am thrilled to launch a brand that gives parents the opportunity to provide a healthier and safer environment for their baby.” – Jennifer Cicci, Mom and Inventor of Babee Talk

Do you ever worry about whether or not the products you give to your child are safe and healthy?  As a parent, you have so much to think about and the last thing you need to worry about is whether the crib your baby is sleeping in, the clothes he is wearing and the toys he is playing with are non-toxic and safe. 

Motivated by teeth marks on her children’s cribs, Jennifer Cicci decided to design a teething rail cover after trying products that didn’t measure up when it came to quality or style. As she embarked on her vision, she discovered that the toxic chemicals used in the production of synthetic materials (used in many baby and kids products) have been linked to birth defects, reproductive disorders and weakened immune systems.

That’s when she asked herself, "What if I could revolutionize the way parents decorated their crib with a stylish teething rail cover that is also safe for baby?" Jennifer did just that and as a result designed a strikingly beautiful line of organic bedding and accessories.

Babee Talk launched in 2014 and instantly was a trendy must-have. Chew-friendly and drool-friendly, Babee Talk products ensure a healthy start in life for babies. From day one, baby is protected against any harmful chemicals in one of the most important places, their crib!

Babee Talk’s goal is to create buzz about buying healthier baby products. We hope moms and dads will start to talk about the importance of choosing eco-friendly products, especially for babies. We are raising awareness about healthy babies, one crib at a time!

As a mother, Jennifer understands the importance of offering nothing but the best for your baby.  She only offers products that she would give to her own children and pledges that with each Babee Talk product offered, only the highest of standards will be met.

Thanks for your interest in Babee Talk® and going organic! If you want to get the latest updates, tips, and promotions on giving your babies a healthy start in life, sign up for our newsletter!

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