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Our patented organic crib rail teething guards, eco-friendly designer toys, and organic bedding for baby are a huge hit! We are so grateful to the media for sharing our story and welcome all interviews. If you have a press inquiry please contact our publicist, Tasha Mayberry, at

March, 2016

Local Mom Designs Eco-Friendly Baby Bedding and Toys

"When my boys were babies, I worried when I saw them chewing on their wooden crib rails. The last thing I wanted was for my sons to get a mouth full of splinters, varnish, plastic, or whatever toxins are considered appropriate to protect a wooden crib rail, but certainly not safe for my baby to chew on. When Pittsburgh mom, Jennifer Cicci, saw her son's teeth marks on his crib, she decided to do something about it. "

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January 6, 2016

Oh, Baby! Organic Crib Bedding Made in Pittsburgh

"Because only the best for baby will do, Pittsburgh-based mom Jennifer Cicci in 2014 launched Babee Talk, a line of organic cotton baby bedding, crib rail covers and eco-friendly plush toys. With its mod designs, this Babee bedding set [$189.99] will add a stylish note to your little one’s room, and an even softer touch to his or her skin."

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December 27, 2015

Emily Reviews: Babee Talk ~ Eco-Teether Crib Rail Cover & Toys + Giveaway

"The Babee Talk Eco-Teether Crib Rail Covers is made in the USA and features a soft organic cotton shell.  We received the Front Rail Cover in Yellow for this review and it’s very smooth to the touch and extremely cute."

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November 25, 2015

Mommy Bites: New Resource for Parents

"Created for eco-chic parents and chew-happy babies, the patented Eco-Teether Crib Rail Cover is made from organic cotton with no heavy metals, flame retardants, and only low-impact dyes."

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October 2015

TTPM Eco-Teether Review

"The Eco Teether Crib Rail Cover is a 100 percent organic cotton crib rail cover. This crib rail cover is free of synthetic fibers and flame retardants. This is not a bumper for the crib. This attaches to the top of the crib. This crib rail doubles as a teether. As baby is standing up inside the crib, this crib rail cover can be chewed on instead of the wooden or metal crib."

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September 30, 2015

11 Unique Products for the Home

"As my 6-month-old makes the transition from the small bed in our room to her crib, I wanted to find some bedding that would be just perfect for her. She loves to have her mouth on everything so I was concerned about the railing on her bed as she becomes more mobile. How could I protect the railing and of course my daughter from chips, scratches, and harmful chemicals. Enter Babee Talk.

Babee Talk makes a complete line of bedding that includes rail covers that are proudly made in the USA. They have a soft organic items contain no heavy metals, no chemical flame retardants and use only low-impact, non-toxic dyes. Not only does her bedding look adorable, I know that it is safe and functional for her as well. No worries about her using her bed as a teether anymore!"

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September 15, 2015

5 Eco-Friendly Tips for Back to School

"By raising children to be conscious of the effects of chemicals and toxins in the world around us, parents are teaching kids to be kinder to the environment in order to make the world a safer place. From a young age, children are exposed to toxins in the air and chemicals that are used in the manufacturing of several products found around the house, and at school. Parents can make an effort to decrease the amount of harmful chemicals their children are exposed to by purchasing eco-friendly and organic products . Starting in the nursery and spreading to the classroom, there are many ways for parents to go eco-friendly and this school year is a great time to start. Babee Talk founder and mom of three, Jennifer Cicci, shares her five tips for an eco-friendly school year."

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September 29, 2015

6 Eco-Friendly Baby Brands

"This certified organic cotton crib sheet is sure to liven up their bedtime! With no finishing agents or harmful dyes, this crib sheet is fitted with super stretchy elastic, and holds on tight, while still looking great.

Why we love it
Fun, adorable, and organic, these crib sheets will liven up any nursery or bedroom.

Jazz up that crib and make it an exciting place to be (maybe your little one will love it so much they'll sleep through the night?)."

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August 23, 2015

Complete Bedding Set Review & Giveaway from Babee Talk

"For review, Babee Talk sent us there Eco-Teether Crib Rail Set. I was so thrilled, because, to be honest, there is so much you don't think about, when you're a new parent. Before I partnered for this review, I really didn't think about a teething baby trying to chew on the crib. And that is where this teether rail set comes in handy.

Because nobody wants there baby chewing on wood, and this set has a soft organic cotton shell, and batting, and it contains no heavy metals, no chemical flame retardants, and uses only low-impact, non-toxic dyes. So you know your baby is safe, and as comfortable as possible. And to top everything off, Babee Talk offers all different types of organic baby bedding and accessories. The cute pattern, is just a bonus."

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July 14, 2015

Eco Dreams Organic Crib Sheet

"Last but not least, Babee Talk became a Hubba favourite for their cute, bright, take-along Eco-Buds and modern designed Organic Bedding. Everything is made with carefully chosen non-toxic dyes, with organic materials inside and out.

Yes, it’s natural that teething babies love to taste everything in sight, especially crib-rails once they get to that age! Babee Talk now has a safe, eco-friendly solution for this habit with the Eco-Teether Crib Rail Cover. No need to worry about splinters or toxic paint. A safe environment for teething puts everyone at ease."

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July 2015

NJ Suburban Parent

"Bedding, Teething Rail Cover, and eco-friendly soothing toys If you are hunting for organic cotton baby bed- ding that has it all, you're in the right place. Designed by a mom and creat- ed with love for chic, safety-conscious parents. "

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June 14, 2015 By Stephanie Oswald

Babee Talk Organic Crib Bedding Review (and GIVEAWAY)

"Recently we discovered Babee Talk, an eco friendly safe and stylish nursery decor company. I have to say, I absolutely fell in love with their designs the moment I saw them. Because of this, I was beyond excited for the opportunity to review their complete bedding set. 

I have never personally been a fan of bumpers, so when it came time to shop for linens for Roo’s crib it felt like mission impossible. So many cute sets out there, all with bumpers..."

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May 24, 2015

Crib Is All The BUZZ With Babee Talk Bees

"Anyone having a baby soon knows there are a lot of decisions to make about decorating the baby’s room.  Color scheme and design. Furniture style.  The total overall look of the room and more.  Most importantly is to get high quality items that will last through spit ups, explosive diapers and other messes that with happen the first few years.

Babee Talk has some adorable crib sets and I got this yellow and turquoise one with a bee theme in it that is so cute that everyone will be complimenting it.  I love bees! Not only is this set adorable but it is a great baby shower gift for a family not revealing the baby’s gender...."

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May 13, 2015

Babee Talk Crib Bedding Set

"When I had my babies, my favorite part of nesting was setting up the room! I loved decorating the room to fit my new little that was growing in my tummy. Each of my children had something different. That was so long ago. Nowadays the new moms and dads have such amazing items out for them to pick and choose from! If I was to have a baby today, I would get my crib bedding from Babee Talk..."

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Published on Apr 22, 2015

Babee Talk featured: KKFX Morning: Eco-Friendly Baby Products

"Joanna Von Yurt shows us some baby products that are safe for the environment."

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By Menucha on April 1, 2015

Babee Talk – Happy Baby Healthy World

"I love our crib. It’s not the most beautiful thing – just a simple wooden crib, with clean lines. Except that now that my little boy has (finally) grown a few teeth, it’s not looking so nice anymore. Jennifer Cicci had the same problem, and therefore created Babee Talk, the adorable rail cover you see to the left..."

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Jan 2015 by Katie

BabeeTalk Nursery Bedding + Giveaway

"BabeeTalk's adorable color-coordinated nursery sets are so soft and give baby a luxurious space for sweet dreams. I received this adorable pink set for review and I'm in love with the chic details, creative bow attachments, and silky materials! This set contains everything you need to turn a bare crib into a safe (and pretty!) sleep space for your child. .."

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Sept 2014 by

Babee Talk for Eco-Chic Baby Bedding and Toys {Review}

"Life of a Southern Mom recently had the pleasure of working with Babee Talk on a review of their Eco-Friendly designer toys and bedding. Babee Talk creates organic baby bedding and accessories that are not only made in the USA, meet the highest safety standards, and are made with responsibly produced cotton, but are also stylish and beautiful!.."

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Sept 2014 by Katie Kavulla

Parenting Hack #14: Leak-resistant crib sheets

"For every parent who has changed all of their baby’s crib bedding in the middle of the night, thanks to a diaper leak, this one’s for you. These sheets from Babee Talk are water-resistant, meaning they will not allow liquid to penetrate the sheet, onto the crib mattress below. Plus, they are super soft, without any of the plastic-feel you’d expect from a water-resistant crib sheet..."

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Sept 2014 by Emily - Babee Talk Eco Crib Rail Cover and Eco Buds

"Thanksfully, we found out about Babee Talk, who makes eco friendly safe and stylish crib rail covers to help with just this problem! Designed by a mom and created with love for chic, safety-conscious parents, BabeeTalk crib bedding, rail covers and plush toys combine the softest materials and rigorous safety checks with strikingly beautiful design.."

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Sept/Oct 2014

We were featured in the Boo! We're Due Baby Shower Gift Guide Giveaways!

This bedding is AWESOME! I absolutely love the softness of the organic fabric, the vibrant colors, and the obvious quality that you receive with the Babee Talk. The crib railing cover is perfect for when your little one starts teething and decides that their crib is the perfect thing to gnaw on, the bed skirt adds the perfect amount of modern flare to the crib, and the toys are so much fun to add onto the rails for your little one to bat at! I would love for Babee Talk to make the crib sheet in adult bedding too - it is so soft that when I put it on the crib mattress I was tempted to get in and take a snooze myself!

Giveaway #1:

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Babee Talk Featured in Baby Center Blog

We were featured in the BabyCenter blog article, "8 great products to help celebrate Elephant Appreciation Day"! The Eco-Buds Take-Along Pals by Babee Talk are plush animals that give baby a safe and stimulating place to chew...

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August/September 2014

Babee Talk Featured in Baby & Kids Magazine's ABC Issue

Check us out on pg. 33 in the ABC Kids Expo Preview! The Eco-Teether Crib Rail Cover by Babee Talk is a decorative, practical solution...

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August 2014 by Serena

Ultimate Baby Shower Momtrends’ Ultimate Baby Shower (and a HUGE Giveaway)

"With the excitement of having baby then comes the planning mode of getting ready for this new life. One of these special times is sharing it with our loved ones during a baby shower. A fun celebration of your new life, baby showers can also bring on a lot of unneeded items, but as a mom of almost three I am excited to share some of my absolute favorites and essentials in our first annual virtual baby shower. In this ‘Ultimate Baby Shower,’ we are sharing our favorite gift ideas and essentials for baby..."

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Fox 5 San Diego Features Babee Talk

On this edition of Mommy Daddy Handbook: Mommy's Favorite Things, (client name here) was featured as a mommy must-have!

Watch video on Fox 5 here.


August 2014

Belly Ballot Features Babee Talk as Weekly Prize

Belly Ballot, your number 1 source for making naming your baby more fun. Belly Ballot features weekly prizes for members and they chose to feature Babee Talk!

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March 2014

Babee Talk: Eco-Buds Take-Along Pals Review (Getting Ready For Baby Gift Guide)

"I recently discovered a company that has both intrigued and inspired me to be more proactive and educated about the items I purchase for my baby. Babee Talk offers a beautiful variety of crib sets and plush toys that are both non toxic and organic. We had the pleasure of reviewing the adorable, lovable and chewable Eco-Buds Take-Along Pals Set. This perfect duo is ideal for attaching to your baby’s crib, car seat, stroller or anywhere else you can think of. I was very impressed with the softness of these eco-buds and delighted by the ease of attaching them to things. These pals are well made, high quality and most definitely something that is going to survive months of being baby’s “chew toy.” Overall I am highly impressed with the eco-buds, the safety reassurance alone makes them a must have item for baby. They have so many adorable pals to choose from and I just know you are going to fall in love when you see them!"

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January 2014

Babee Talk Organic Toys - Review by

"all babee talk products are made with the highest level of organic and eco friendly materials. you can feel secure knowing babee talk products contain no harmful dyes, fillers, chemicals or pesticides, and are made using cotton and bamboo without gmo, pesticides or herbicides! honestly i never even stopped to think about if there were gmos in my childrens toys! for someone so big on not having gmos in my kitchen i dont know why i hadnt thought of their use in fabrics."

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April 2013

Review by Peace Love Organic Mom

"Babee Talk makes choosing organic and eco-friendly toys for your little one easy with their new line of Eco-Buds Take-Along Pals. Eco-Buds are adorable, organic, colorful plush animal toys perfectly sized for little hands. Eco-Buds are certified to be lead-free, phthalate-free, heavy metal-free and AZO dye-free as well as being non-toxic and containing no harmful chemicals, dyes, pesticides, PVC or polyester filling/batting. They also exceed all applicable safety standards..."

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April 16, 2013

Review by So Easy Being Green

"They are definitely generating buzz around my house. Sophia begged and begged to play with the giraffe and owl...The Eco-Buds Take-Along Pals are an adorable line of plush toys made with organic cotton, inside and out. They all feature a long strap that velcroes to itself so it would be easy to keep up with. Strap it to your car seat, stroller, or even your baby carrier to keep it out of the floor!..."

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April 13, 2013

Tots to Teen Magazine

"Jennifer, owner of Babee Talk shared her eco-friendly, organic baby product and I instantly fell in love with it too! I am out of the baby stage {kid wise} but I swear, if I had a baby, I would be out buying her adorable little guys and anything else she comes up with! I mean, seriously take a look…wouldn’t you buy them up too?..."

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